Improving Human and Animal Lives, Through Innovative Bioproducts
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Our business starts with belief that we serve our customers better than anyone else. The belief motivates our desire to produce
the best animal health care products the industry has to offer.

Best quality is our pride. Pride leads to dedication. Choong-Ang Biotech Co. Ltd., for about 40 years, has aggressively concentrated its efforts on developing innovative probiotics, nutritional products, antibiotic products and some raw materials to improve animal productivity and health, and improve the safety and quality of human food. Dedication leads to great products.

Great products make reputation. Our reputation is mainly for products that consistently work well and are proven through trials
& research. Reputation enables us to commit extensively to R&D, practical field studies, customer interaction and service.

As Choong-Ang Biotech has shown consistent growth for all years since its foundation, we are now positioned to become a world-class company in terms of technologies, experiences and support from customers. And we, to be an industry leader by example, strive to improve our products and service everyday, and to promote credibility and respectability for the industry.