Improving Human and Animal Lives, Through Innovative Bioproducts
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Improving Human and Animal Lives Through Innovative Bioproducts

We heartily welcome your visit to our Home page
Since establishment of our company in 1971, Choong-Ang Biotech has been leader in animal medicine & nutrient's industry.

In retrospect of our past, Korean livestock industry stood firmly above the pioneer's sacrifice of livestock industry. Choong-Ang Biotech had rather hardships during last 40 years than happy hours to keep in abreast with farmers efforts who contributed in silence for the development of livestock industry.

Choong-Ang Biotech developed environment friendly products, probiotics (Brand name, CYC)in 1986 utilizing its' biotechnology. Together with multi-nutrients and antibiotics, Choong-Ang Biotech's Products got popularities from domestic and 20 countries abroad.

To reciprocate customers belief to our products, Choong-Ang Biotech will continue its' efforts to satisfy customers' need and to be leading enterprise of well being society.

Choong-Ang Biotech will continue its' Best efforts to open new era for environment friendly society, reducing its activities for anti-biotics.

Choong-Ang Biotech which newly starts in 2014 will help to develop the livestock industry and to provide the best quality of livestock products. All staffs of Choong-Ang Biotech have worked hard to be the best company which is satisfied by the environment, the quality and the service field. We will do our best for the human health and peace through the enlargement and diversification of the enterprise territory. We express our sincere gratitude again to your special concern on our company.